Image by Robert V. Ruggiero




An ECO-friendly solution.

  • Hex-head bolt connects fitting to channel as it is threaded into spring nut. 

  • Chamber in the nut eases starting of the bolt. Nut teeth create a strong, vice-like grip when tightened against the inturned channel edges. 

  • Channel edges and the nut's tapered grooves act as guides to provide fool-proof alignment of connection. 

  • Nut teeth grip the channel's inturned edges, tying the channel sides together in a "box" configuration for added strength. 

  • Spring allows precision placement anywhere along the channel length, then holds the nut in position while the connection is completed. 

Combination channels manufactured from PG & HDG are spot welded in standard. Continuous seam welded options are available on request. 

Standard channels are 3M & 6m. Cut lengths can be supplied subject to cutting charge. 

10 series of DRSTRUT channels available.