City from Below


Leading the approach to 

protecting our earth.

An industry leader in the manufacturing of metal framing systems, building components and electrical and mechanical support since ****, Kinetic Metal Framing Canada has kept pace with the dynamic market place particularly in fields such as power generation, petro-chemical products and process engineering. While suppling our global Industrial and Commercial Construction customers with innovative products and outstanding service, KMFC has always kept a focus and a philosophy of protecting the Earth. 

Our Objectives are:

  • provide DRSTRUT fittings & accessories for key global markets, businesses and brands,

  • enable our customers with a greater capacity for *** with overall lower production costs,

  • be the "first-to-mind" manufacturing and purchasing source for Kinetics. 

Our Product Line includes:

DRSTRUT Metal Framing System

DRSTRUT Cable Ladder System

DRSTRUT Cable Tray System

DSTRUT Cable Trunking System

Electrical Pillar Box

Beam Clamp & Pipe Clamp

Cable Hanger

Tailor made Metal Engineering Products 

Modern City


293 Water Street, Unit 7

Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada