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Through the Glass


Leading the Footsteps of the Construction Industry towards Environmental Protection.

The More We Do,

The More We Love the Earth

Involved in both the Industrial and Commercial Construction sectors, Kinetic Metal Framing Canada has developed an innovative and comprehensive range of DRSTRUT system and products, using sophisticated manufacturing techniques to bring a more

eco-friendly, cost effective approach to your projects and buildings. 

The DRSTRUT Service Center compliments our products and systems by offering

complete drawings/design and an installation service.

Serving businesses in

Prince Edward Island + the Atlantic Provinces

who are looking for eco-focused, high-quality metal framing products

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3 Step Environmental Protection Approach


Saving resources means saving the earth.

To protect the environment, DRSTRUT develops channels which minimizes the raw material use while maintaining its high quality performance.

Lower operation waste can also be achieved by using our pre-cutting service. 


Utilizing every piece of raw material

is our goal.

Therefore, our product design team focuses on developing the product's flexibility. The products can be applied in different situations and adjustable to the largest range of fittings. 

Channel parts can be installed or modified over time. 


Due to its user-friendly design, DRSTRUT does not need drilling and/or welding. 

This results in avoiding noise and air pollution, increased safety and prevention of labour mistakes, costly repairs and cleanup.

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293 Water Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1C1


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